The Jax Coco example shows how a firm can position a product, that is otherwise similar to others, in such a way that it is seen as being different to competing offers. Also in this instance the packaging chosen supports the position that the firm is trying to achieve.

Jax Coco’s concept of elevating the natural drink to one of sophistication sets the brand apart from the numerous others. Jane states, “We positioned Jax Coco coconut water as a lifestyle product. Our competition has mainly focused on the sporting sector. We expanded into art, music, and lifestyle.” The company has sponsored Elton John concerts, a charity performance by Chinese classical pianist Li Yundi, and English rugby player Chris Ashton.

Jane highlights another branding difference that sets Jax Coco apart from the rest ‒ the glass bottle. This is unique in the coconut water market, and has been geared toward premium food and beverage clientele, as it’s a sophisticated step up from a Tetra Pak. Restaurants, clubs, bars, hotels, and first class lounges of Eurostar trains stock Jax Coco’s glass bottle; in addition, retailers, Whole Foods, Amazon, Vitacost and Starbucks (Hong Kong) carry both the bottle and Tetra Pak. Cathay Pacific, awardee of Skytrax’s 2014 Airline of the Year, and Asia’s largest international carrier, has reported that it too will offer Jax Coco’s coconut water in its lounges and on selected flights.