Well it attracts some significant coverage in the Ricoh annual report.

RICOH THETA, launched in November 2013, trumped prevailing ideas that cameras merely shoot or record clipped scenes within a frame. This device captures two-dimensional images, incorporating all the space surrounding the photographer with just one click.
— https://www.ricoh.com/about/sustainability/report/pdf2014/all.pdf

The following video does not do a lot for me from a consumer perspective:

But the annual report does mention various other uses as well:

RICOH THETA can be used to check on routine movements, behavior and actions of patients and the elderly, and steps can be taken immediately if something unusual or dangerous is dectected. In the safety and security fields, RICOH THETA could help in the early discovery or complete prevention of criminal activity through application in crime-prevention and surveillance systems.
— https://www.ricoh.com/about/sustainability/report/pdf2014/all.pdf